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Frogfoot fibre

uncapped. no limits.

The Best Internet Service

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whats included...

Free Installation

worth R1725**



Free WiFi Router

worth R599**

Your best uncapped deals fibre service

60 Mbps

Upload 30 Mbps


per month


120 Mbps

Upload 60 Mbps


per month

240 Mbps

Upload 120 Mbps


per month


400 Mbps

Upload 200 Mbps


per month

1000 Mbps

Upload 500 Mbps


per month

60 Mbps

Upload 60 Mbps


per month

120 Mbps

Upload 120 Mbps


per month

240 Mbps

Upload 240 Mbps


per month

400 Mbps

Upload 400 Mbps


per month

1000 Mbps

Upload 1000 Mbps


per month

**Free installation subject to a 24 month contract only.

**Free-to-use router only. Router remains the property of Getwiza and must be returned at the end of service

**A full calendar month notice is required to terminate services

**Pro rata applies to all Fibre Accounts

**Courier fee of R250 charged for delivery of free to use router.

unleash uncapped fibre internet

With speeds up to 1000Mbps, you can unlock the freedom to learn, work and play, whenever you want with all these benefits & more:

Take your internet to the next level with uncapped fibre and the best service around

smart tv

UHD Streaming


Fast Speeds

back in time

More you time


Low Latency

price tag

Best Deals

customer service

Best Service

Choose the Best Internet

why frogfoot fibre?

Frogfoot has a national footprint, servicing over 350,000 homes across South Africa. Certain areas may have more than 1 fibre operator available and you may be wondering which provider is the best choice. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Frogfoot.

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frogfoot fibre

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No telephone line needed. Fast, uncapped & reliable Fibre Internet for your home & Business.

Getting Started

Our Fibre packages are available to anyone in areas that have coverage from one of our last-mile Fibre partners. Some areas have multiple providers, resulting in more choice and flexibility for you.

Step 1: Check the fibre coverage tool on the Getwiza coverage site

Step 2: Enter the address where you would like fibre installed

Step 3: Select the correct address from the drop down options

Step 4: Click “Check Coverage”

Step 5: If Fibre is available you’ll be presented with your fibre options

Step 6: Select your package and complete the sign up form with your details

This depends on a number of factors but usually between 7 – 14 days. Lead times are managed by the Fibre Network Operator directly. Once you place your order we’ll communiate the expected delivery date.

Once you’ve paid the courier fee, your router will be configured and shipped to you.


Please note that there is a difference between an activation fee and installation fee. Each FNO will bill the ISP (Get Wiza) directly when installing a new line into the clients premises (installation fee) and the ISP will again be billed when the clients service is activated on the network (activation fee).

Every Fiber Network Operator(FNO’s) have different SLA terms, where some FNO’s outright don’t offer any credit and others will take the request on a case by case basis. Kindly refer here for the latest SLA terms.

Get Wiza is able to help guide you, however it is not always possible to send our own resources to your household. Should this be a requirement then we can quote you for a dedicated resource to visit your premises and assist you with your exact needs.

Unfortunately not. Get Wiza does not offer any Pre-Paid services and as such we do require a calendar months notice to terminate your current service agreement otherwise you will be charged for the active services.

Shaping & Prioritisation

All of our Fibre packages are unshaped, unthrottled & uncapped. You can use as much data as you like, 

 Many consumer internet connections, such as residential broadband services, operate on a best effort basis. These connections are suitable for a wide range of everyday internet activities, but they may not be ideal for applications that require consistent and predictable performance, such as real-time video conferencing or critical business operations. The network provider and ISP will always do their best to resolve issues and keep the network functioning as good and as fast as possible, but there is no guarentee regarding bandwidth or resolution times. This helps to 

Whats Included

Yes, all of our packages include a free to use WiFi router. The router remains our property for the full length of the service and must be returned if you cancel. 

 As long as you have a modern router, you’re welcome to use your own – however we will not have access to monitoring tools to be able to assist you.

Contract terms depend on the fibre network and if there is any promotion on. Be sure to check the specific details on each product before signing up. If you’re not sure, reach out to our team via WhatsApp and we’ll gladly assist you.

Visit the Frogfoot Fibre website for more information

chat with us on whatsapp.

chat with us on whatsapp.

Mon – Fri 08:00 – 20:00

Mon – Fri 08:00 – 20:00